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A New Simpler, Faster Way To Learn Music

Cross Discipline Thinking

Using the latest thinking from early childhood education, human development, graphic & interface design, we created a fun, simple and student-centric approach that gets results almost instantly!

We help parents and music teachers with the hardest students: complete beginners.

The Musicolor Method provides an excellent on-ramp to music education beginning with piano/keyboard skills which then allows the student to move to any other method or instrument with ease and confidence.

Designed for preschoolers, useful for all 

Learning a music instrument has been shown to make new connections in the brains of children while at the same time developing skills needed for success in school and life.  Skills such as focus, practice, perseverance, goal-setting and public performance develop naturally and organically in the process.

But the traditional way of teaching and learning made many feel confused, frustrated and left out.

"I guess I'm not a prodigy" is unfortunately how many feel.

But no longer.

Kids Can Figure It Out On Their Own

Susan Petters

"I’ve been a piano teacher for over 20 years and have taught preschool on and off.  Kids love to figure things out and it was so easy for them they could go practice without a whole lot of parent help. I really recommend this program."

- Susan Petters, Private Piano Teacher

Piano For Kids: Easy piano songbook

Our songbook, Piano For Kids Songbook Volume 1

Use It Today

Parents with limited or even no musical experience can learn alongside their children.

Fun, Easy and Intuitive

My daughter wanted to learn, but with me being utterly unfamiliar with playing any instrument, I was at loss where to start. This is a fantastic way to teach a novice the basics of piano. It is very intuitive, easy to understand and fun for kids. Armed with the knowledge she gained from this book, my daughter had a real head start when she started to take lessons.
Great introduction to piano for kids, also to see if they will actually enjoy playing before heading into lessons. - Never played piano mom

As you go deeper, we recommend you delving into the philosophy behind the method by learning the core principles available in our online classroom.

Like A Plug-In To Your Current Methods

If you are a professional music teacher, you can continue teaching with your current methods and books.  Just add this to your repertoire and you will see students learning faster with more engagement while having fun.

It paid for itself within months!

Andrew’s course makes it easy to teach music to pre-literate kids, opening up an entire market of music previously unreachable. My student-base doubled. My confidence as a teacher grew. I can use this forever too.

Brett Crudgington, Brownstone Music Lessons

Musicolor Method™, a preschool music curriculum, music teacher training and moreWhat Makes The Musicolor Method different?

We start with playing and build confidence quickly with songs right from the first lesson.

By using color as a scaffolding tool, we can quickly have children as young as 3 and 4 years old playing songs on the piano within 3 minutes.

Within weeks or months, children are able to move on to any other method or instrument.


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