French Childrens Song, Petit Papa, sheet music for beginners

French Childrens Song, Petit Papa free piano sheet music

This is an old French folk song called Petit Papá.  I created my own English translation for the lyrics to help my students who need something to sing as they play.

Here it is with colored note heads as per my color system.

You can download this sheet music as part of our Musicolor Method™ Training Course.

Here’s one of my students performing this piece at a recital.



Angry Birds Theme -Easy Piano Sheet Music

Angry Birds Theme for Easy Piano

This has been a popular request, probably more from the boys than the girls in my teaching studio.

The original piece by Ari Pulkinnen is in E minor.  I’ve transposed it to A minor to reduce the sharps and used my color coding system to help my early music readers.  I’ve also written it in longer note values to simplify as well.


You can download this sheet music as part of our Musicolor Method™ Training Course.

For educational purposes only.

Piano Notes For Kids

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Teaching kids to play piano is very different than teaching them to read music notes at the piano.

Most adults try to teach children with far too much information all at once.  In looking at most of the existing piano and music instruction methods for young children I saw that the problem was not so much in bad information or wrong information, just too much information presented in a jumble.

When I teach my youngest students in person, beginning at around 4 years old, I want them to start having something fun to play right away.  I also want to get them playing with all 10 fingers right away.

I don’t teach kids to read traditional music notation at the first lesson,