Why The World Hates Teachers

“Those that can’t do, teach.”  

This loose remark ended up turning me away from teaching for close to twenty years!  I was exposed to it during my sophomore year as a Music Education/Jazz Performance double major at NYU.  It started to color how I looked at my peers in my Scholars in Education program.  

No Respect For Teachers

Teaching gets no respect in today’s society and somehow and somewhere this statement, “Those that can’t do, teach” was spread and effectively turned off our highest performing graduates from ever going into education.  

It took a long time for me to realize how stupid and wrong that statement is.  Does that mean that the inverse is true?  

Pricing Music Lessons and Lifetime Value Of Students

Thinking Through The Numbers For Music Teachers

As a music teacher, you are running a business.  Your business is your service and your product is the successful result of your teaching and your students.

The Value Of A Single Student


How you price your services is a personal decision, but can be one filled with doubts and conflict.  When I first started, I was not very confident in my abilities as a teacher and thus didn’t feel I could charge more than a modest fee.  I looked around my neighborhood and saw the average price of what other teachers were charging and then I discounted that by about ten to twenty percent.  This worked fairly well for a few years.