How to Combat Imposter Syndrome For Crazy Good Recitals

How to combat imposter syndrome
Beware the Fraud Police - imposter syndrome
Who do you think you are?  Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Beware Of The Fraud Police

Did you ever have the feeling that even though you are achieving your goals, perhaps you have gone further than you should have?  That at some moment in the very near future you are going to be found out?  That the “fraud police” would come knocking and expose you for the phony that you are?

As a music teacher, did you ever feel that you weren’t qualified for the student in front of you?   Maybe you didn’t quite know where to take them next and you would be found out?

This feeling is more common than you think.  

How to sing and perform better with spirit

“I almost never listen to music for my own enjoyment…”

This is a quote from a music teacher posting in a forum for music teachers.  There was a consensus among the hundreds of posters that they were just too burnt out from playing, singing and teaching all day, more music was just too much after a long day.  

This is one of the saddest things I’ve heard.  To me, music is life, spirit and emotion –  all one and the same.  When the very people who are passing on this gift   are burnt out and cannot even enjoy it, it is a problem.  But I think it may be solvable.

Music is unlike other jobs like, accounting or working on a factory line.  

How to raise your IQ by 7 points

Raise your IQ by 7 points with this simple habit

I came across this article in Inc magazine yesterday.  And it was surprising especially since the headline didn’t reveal the “secret.”

Want to Raise Your IQ? Neuroscience Says to Take Up This Easy Habit

It’s probably not what you think, but it’s scientifically demonstrated to improve how you think.

Most of us think of IQ as a fixed thing, like an SAT score. You take a test, they tell you how smart you are, and that’s that.

Turns out that’s wrong.

Neuroscience is demonstrating that brain functioning is actually far more fluid than previously believed.

For example, research out of the University of Zurich shows that doing one simple thing can actually raise a person’s IQ.