Free Video: Understanding Website Technology For Music Teachers

This is a sneak peek inside our Office Hours course, a weekly question and answer video lesson.

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In this lesson we discuss

  • The difference between a website name and hosting
  • What is a DNS and why you need to know this
  • The different kinds of hosting plans
  • 3 simple and free ways to build your website even if you don’t know how to design or code anything
  • A recommendation for a hosting company 
  • A recommendation for a web design package that you host when you’re ready

Resources Mentioned in the Video

What Are The Top 5 Mistakes Of Music Teacher Websites?

TOP 5 MISTAKES of Music Teacher Websites

Every music teacher needs a website.  It’s like having a virtual office and provides a way to communicate with your students and your potential students.  As a business owner, you know this is as important as your storefront.

In my wide-angled magical career path, I co-founded an early Internet ad agency with Cathay Pacific as our first client.  From there I went on to create many other websites for clients as diverse as American Express to Seagrams to MetLife to HP and Clairol.  While small businesses do not have the same type of resources as these giant corporations do, the web has changed drastically over the last 20 years and the cost of creating and maintaining a website is now ridiculously low with some even free!

Your website needs to look good and look professional.  

Infographic: How To Teach Music Effectively, Simply & With More Fun!

Teach Music Effectively

So, it’s summer and you are probably taking a much needed break from your busy teaching schedule.  It’s actually the perfect time to upgrade your skills, thinking and mindset.  So with that in mind, here’s a handy infographic:  How to teach music effectively, simply and with more fun!  Or is it mo’ fun?

I actually had a dream that told me to do this.  Yep.  I awoke with a start and it was like a voice saying, “You should make a visual diagram that shows your teaching methods.”
Okay, voice obeyed.

These 7 core principles are a guided framework for effective teaching. They are:

  1. The Growth Spiral – We use this as a guiding metaphor to assess our teaching, lesson plans,