Why preschoolers are the best clients for private music teachers

Sadie plays piano at age 4 using the Musicolor Method™

Music teachers need students  

Usually, when a teacher begins their business, clients are hard to come by.  Also, choosing who to work, with as a niche-focus, seems counter-intuitive.  You need the business, you don’t want to turn away anyone else.  However, to stand out in the crowd, it’s always advisable to choose a niche focus.  Every small business can better differentiate themselves with a specific target audience or focus.

Teaching as a business

When I began focusing on teaching music as a real business, I stumbled across a secret.  What I stumbled upon, was a virtually untapped market – preschool and early grade school students.  It began out of a personal need.  My son was 3 and asking for lessons.  

What Is The Hidden Elephant In The Room? Permission.

“Who gave you permission to do that?”

I’ve always marveled at people who can just go out and do things in several different fields.  They are the Leonardo Da Vinci’s of the world – true renaissance people who don’t allow the artificial labels and boxes to contain them.

There are examples of architects who are also creating furniture or smart phones or interior designs (Philippe Starck comes to mind).  Or photographers who also compose symphonies (Gordon Parks). Or fashion designers (Tom Ford) who are now directing films.  In the past, many famous names come to mind as being renaissance folks:  Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Michelangelo, Galileo, etc.

Who gave them permission to do these things?

It was no one but themselves.

Musicians and artists often struggle with permission to practice their craft.