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A proven curriculum for music teachers and school owners

Music teachers struggle with teaching beginners.  Our instantly-readable Musicolor Notation & curriculum produce remarkable results allowing students to learn faster and develop life skills through music.

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Andrew Ingkavet

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Andrew’s course makes it easy to teach music to pre-literate kids, opening up an entire market of music previously unreachable. My student-base almost doubled. My confidence as a teacher grew. I can use this forever too. – Brett Crudgington, Music Teacher

Through your influence and the Musicolor course, I have doubled my number of students and I have the confidence to continue to improve and expand. I was hesitant to make the investment at first, but I’m extremely glad I did because this association continues to enrich not just my studio, but my life as well. Thanks again!! – Marcie Estes, Music Teacher

A Proven Curriculum For Music Teachers / School Owners

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