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The Musicolor Method Membership

Training, support and professional development for music teachers

Get the Tools You Need To Start Teaching:

Lesson Plans

A structured curriculum with detailed instructions, sheet music and video training to support you

Games & Activities

to make learning fun and fast!


Ever Expanding Library of Sheet Music, Templates & Tools

Downloadable and printable in PDF 

Teaching License

Receive your license to begin teaching Musicolor Method® classes

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Flexible monthly payment
  • Reprint Rights For Your Entire Studio Roster (Single Teacher)
  • Content Released Weekly
  • Training Videos 
  • Music & Materials Library
  • Games & Activities
  • Webinars and Q&A Calls
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Premium Discounts 
  • Cancel or Upgrade At Any Time

What’s inside

The Musicolor Method Online Course & Curriculum

flagship course


In Module 1, you will learn the 7 step framework

that makes teaching and lesson planning effortless while deepening effectiveness.

In Module 2, you will learn step by step lesson plans

for piano/keyboard that cover what to teach, when and why including the techniques hidden in the songs.   It’s a completely planned 12 to 36 week semester depending on your student’s pace of learning.  This is the Curriculum you have been searching for.

In Module 3, you will learn games, activities and techniques

to teach the abstract and difficult concepts of music theory which keep students engaged, having fun and not overwhelmed.

In Module 4, you will learn how to apply the Musicolor Method to several instruments

which greatly expand your offerings as a teacher.

These instruments are covered:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Strumstick
  • Lap Dulcimer
  • And ideas on how it can work with vocal lessons too!

In Module 5,  you will receive valuable lessons on mindset,

music software and more.  These bonus lessons can help you rapidly shift your mindset which is often the biggest block to rapid change.

Musicolor Sheet Music Library

A library of original songs, public domain folk, classical, and simplified arrangements of popular songs specific to beginner students.   New content added every month.

Office Hours  

Additional training content in response to member questions.

New content added regularly including invitation-only Webinars, Q&A calls and more.

Subjects have included

  • How to teach special needs children
  • Understanding websites
  • How to get a free voicemail and phone number to use for your business
  • Transitioning to the grand staff
  • How to correct technical problems without quashing fun
  • Marketing your studio

And many more


Private FB group


Our private FB group is a great place to share ideas with your fellow Musicolor teachers from around the world.  Andrew also will share tips and tricks as well as live webinars.

Premium Discounts


Members will enjoy premium discounts on other tools and resources including:

  • Alphabet Cards
  • Rhythm Fruit Cards
  • Solfege and Curwen Hand Signs Cards
  • Bundles on Teaching resources at Amazon

and more


Secrets of Successful Music Teachers

This 3 part mini-course will show you quick and easy ways to make your studio a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?

You will be set up on a payment plan via PayPal or your credit card.

Each month, you will be charged the monthly fee.  You can cancel at any time and there is no cancellation fee!

Who is this membership for?

This membership is for professional music teachers, both private and those employed in school settings.

This membership is not for parents because each training video assumes a basic understanding of music concepts and techniques that may be more advanced than many parents are interested in.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?
Can you accept invoice/purchase orders from my school?

Yes!  We can accept purchase orders from your school!

Just send us an invoice from your school with exactly what you would like to purchase and we’ll get everything taken care of.

Here’s information for the invoice:

300 Monks, LLC dba The Musicolor Method
114 Garfield Place, 3R
Brooklyn, NY 11215 USA
Phone 347-620-1968

Send Invoices to: [email protected]


I have been a music teacher for a number of years, and have used a variety of approaches for teaching piano to both younger students and adults, but when I came across Andrew Ingkavet's Musicolor Method, I realized that learning the piano doesn't have to be so complicated.
He has ingeniously taken a simple concept, I.e., relating color to the music alphabet, and created a simple program whereby the student can visually relate the written staff to the keyboard.  His approach is built on scaffolding, I.e., teaching the language of music step by step with fun activities and relatable music.
I highly recommend his online course to anyone who might be interested in adding a new, creative approach to piano, guitar, or any other instrument.
Carol K
Carol K.

Music Teacher, Virginia, USA

I would recommend the course because it is so thoroughly set up with not only resources for The Musicolor Method but includes educational & professional components ( mostly in video format) that have really challenged me as a teacher- to get better & to grow as an educator. I’ve been teaching early childhood music for over 30 years but still love to grow. Andrew continues to add ongoing professional development each week.

Anne V.

Private Music Teacher - Sydney, Australia

“Andrew’s course makes it easy to teach music to pre-literate kids, opening up an entire market of music previously unreachable. My student-base almost doubled. My confidence as a teacher grew. I can use this forever too.”

Brett C.

Private Piano Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

“Andrew Ingkavet’s Musicolor Method has been like a music immersion experience for me. When my first grandchild was born in 2009, I was determined to find music curriculum that was fun, energizing, and effective…I think the concept is brilliant! This course has brought me out of retirement to learn many new facets of teaching. Now I have a multicolored set of skills and resources to draw from. I’m excited about imparting the joy of music via the Musicolor Method to my three grandchildren and beyond.”

Christie C.

Private Piano Teacher, Pleasanton, CA


Flexible monthly payment
  • Reprint Rights For Your Entire Studio Roster (Single Teacher)
  • Content Released Weekly
  • Training Videos 
  • Music & Materials Library
  • Games & Activities
  • Webinars and Q&A Calls
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Premium Discounts 
  • Cancel or Upgrade At Any Time

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