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51 Vital Reasons to Save Art Education

Happy National Arts in Education Week! It’s a moment to celebrate the life changing effects that the arts have on children. This is the time to shout loudly about the huge benefits that music, dance, visual art, and drama bring to our education system.

For those of us immersed in learning, teaching, or simply enjoying the arts, it’s easy to take for granted their value in our lives. We know first hand that how vital the arts are for nurturing happy, healthy, and inspired children.

But here’s the thing:

Not everybody gets this. In fact, the very purpose of National Arts in Education Week is not only to celebrate arts in our schools but to save them.

This is how kids easily learn piano now

Piano For Kids 2-Front Cover

I’m so excited to tell you that my second book in my series Piano For Kids 2 is available now at Amazon.

Like Volume 1, this new songbook continues to deliver songs in Musicolor Notation™ that enable beginners of almost any age to start (and stick with) playing piano and learning music.

Piano For Kids 2 Musicolor Method Songbook

The trick is that many other methods overwhelm the beginner with too much information.  By giving only the necessary information to start playing immediately, we can ignite passion.  This translates to a quick confidence.  “I can do this!”

From there, we can continually motivate and coach our students to higher levels with gently increasing the technical challenges and presenting conceptual information in a gradual way.

What Happens When You Ask A Preschooler If They Can Do Anything

Ask a preschooler and see what happens.


Imagine this scenario.

You walk into a preschool classroom of three year olds and pose a series of questions to the children:


“Who here knows how to dance?”

Every hand shoots up.

“Who here knows how to sing?”

Again, every hand is in the air.

“Who here knows how to draw?”

The process is repeated over and over with virtually any subject.


Then, you walk into a classroom of 8 year olds and ask the same questions.

Want to know how to work with younger students?

And grow your studio rapidly without expensive advertising?

Are you confusing THIS with learning?


What is learning?

The dictionary defines learning as “acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study or being taught.”

I don’t agree.  That definition doesn’t go far enough.

Acquisition of knowledge and skills doesn’t mean much without action. If you never change your behavior, have you really learned?

We all “know” that we should eat right, exercise often and get enough sleep and hydration. But have we really learned this if we never change our behavior?


Today’s media has seen an explosion of information as entertainment.

You can “learn” cooking, home remodeling, medicine, yoga and how to play piano on TV,

Have you tried this easy, colorful method on piano?

Piano For Kids: Teach complete beginners how to play instantly with the Musicolor Method

New songbook allows parents to teach their children piano even if they have never played before

If you are the parent of a 3 to 6 year old (or any child) and you want to give them the experience of music, check this out.

Piano is a great first instrument.

We believe all children should learn some basic piano.  Numerous studies have proven a positive link between success in life, school and work with some participation in music education.

But, it hasn’t been easy for many.  If you’re not a prodigy, then you may have found learning to read music difficult.  This method allows your child (and even you the parent) to learn the basics of piano by using color.

Watch this video to learn more.

A Colorful Fun New Way To Learn Piano Is Here

Piano For Kids: Easy piano songbook


New Songbook Enables Even Preliterate Children To Play Piano Using Color and Simple Graphics


Now, any parent using the highly successful Musicolor Method®, can teach their child piano with the release of the songbook, Piano For Kids. The book (available May 22nd at Amazon) is the first volume in a six book series. It includes basic instruction that allows anyone, even without prior musical experience, to learn the basics of piano and music. Color makes it easy and fun!  


Experienced music teacher Andrew Ingkavet, created the Musicolor Method® as a homeschooling project for his son, who began asking for lessons at three years old.  Not finding a teacher willing to accept him,

What if there was an easy piano songbook with simple instructions?

Piano For Kids: Easy piano songbook

An Easy Piano Songbook

After over a decade in development, we’re thrilled to announce that our first easy piano songbook Piano For Kids Volume 1 will be launching at Amazon on May 22nd, 2018.  We’ve been testing and proving the success of this curriculum worldwide through our online classroom.  And now you can get it here.

Piano For Kids: Teach complete beginners how to play instantly with the Musicolor Method – for preschoolers, grade schoolers and beyond!

How the Musicolor Method Works

easy piano songbook musicolor method

Why the Musicolor Method works?

We created a visual way to communicate sound with color.

Kids make direct connections from sheet music to keys to fingers.

Want to know how to work with younger students?

And grow your studio rapidly without expensive advertising?

How To Spark Growth, Friendship & Love with A Mentor Program

How to spark growth, love and friendship with a mentor program

We recently returned from an amazing trip connecting with my father’s roots in Thailand. My wife Monica and I lived and traveled throughout Asia in the early 1990’s. But this was our first time back in 25 years and it was a wonderful way to introduce our son Alejandro to his Thai family with grandpa at his side.
It also made me reflect on an idea from our time in Asia, a mentor program!

Summerbridge HK

While living in Hong Kong, Monica became the first international director of San Francisco based, Summerbridge (now called Breakthrough Collaborative.) The program’s mission: to “bridge the summer” with a unique summer school. The teachers were gifted high school and international college students. The students were elementary school students from lower income housing estates.

This is a simple tool to transform your teaching

Algorithms for learning music?

“Yo homes, It’s gotta be the algorithm!”


I don’t think anyone ever said that.  


But, I do know Spike Lee’s character Mars Blackmon said something similar about shoes.


Spike Lee’s fictional character Mars Blackmon from his film She’s Gotta Have It.














We have seen an explosion in the use of this word, mostly related to computers and technology.


So what is an algorithm?

This is what I learned at NY EDTech, and it was great

This week my wife and I went to the NY EDTech 2017 conference held at my alma mater NYU.   Below are some of my notes from the opening morning show.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, EDTech has been  a booming billion dollar industry for about a decade now.  I’m happy to say that New York University, and New York City in general, have been at the forefront of this innovation.  

But there are problems.

Most of the companies in EDTech focus on the use of technology to replace the human element in teaching with computers and apps interfacing with students.   While this can create a personalized learning experience and provide valuable, measurable data,

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