Play Piano For Kids Volume 1


Note:  This course has been reformatted from the original iPad multitouch book version.  It enables anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet to access the content.  You can still purchase the original IOS/Mac only version at the Apple iBookstore.

A fabulous, fun way to learn piano for young children with some help from an animated penguin.  

The first in a series developed by a professional music teacher, it offers instant results while “sneaking in” the music theory and technique.  The system is the Musicolor Method™ and uses a unique color coding system that bypasses the need to read and great results can be achieved with children as young as 3 years of age.  Created as a multi-touch book app, it has clear colorful graphics, photos, audio, video and animations to really teach piano from the ground up.   It is also available as a course at the website:

Here’s what one parent said:

“I really like the “system” – color coded music sheets, and how easy it makes it to learn music. I also love the fact that it starts with songs that children can easily sing along with.”

And here’s what a music teacher had to say:

I have been a music teacher for a number of years, and have used a variety of approaches for teaching piano to both younger students and adults, but when I came across Andrew Ingkavet’s Musicolor Method™, I realized that learning the piano doesn’t have to be so complicated.  He has ingeniously taken a simple concept, I.e., relating color to the music alphabet, and created a simple program whereby the student can visually relate the written staff to the keyboard.  His approach is built on scaffolding, I.e., teaching the language of music step by step with fun activities and relatable music. – Carol K. – Music Teacher, Virginia, USA



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