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It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here:  Volume 2 of Play Piano For Kids.

Play Piano For Kids - Volume 2

Volume 2 is available now!

This is my second multimedia touch book created specifically for the iBooks app available for iPads and Mac at the Apple App store.

What’s New in Volume 2?

We continue our musical journey with:

  • 4 fun new songs:  Honeybee, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Lightly Row and Cuckoo
  • learn what a chord is and how to play some
  • play songs with 2 different parts for each hand at the same time!
  • Use all 10 fingers
  • Get more familiar with the note names

So what took so long?

So much of this material is happening in my day to day lessons and that takes up a huge part of my day!  As I was planning Volume 2, I thought I would include so much more.   But every detail of the journey has to be explained in micro-steps, especially for our young audience.   And then the actual video production, editing, illustrating, designing, animating…

Thank you to my amazing designer Steve Ingkavet (also my brother) who designed the new covers and the layouts and to all my music students and their families.

So I originally thought I would start using traditional music notation in this volume, that is now pushed to Volume 3 and perhaps even a separate stand-alone multimedia book for How To Read Music.  

Hopefully, those will come sooner, but I need a break right about now!

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