We make music easy

The Musicolor Method® activates wonder, joy and life skills for all beginners, no prodigies required


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Our music curriculum enables all beginners access to music education

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Old vs Modern Music Education - the Musicolor Method

We solved the problem of traditional music lessons

PROBLEM: Traditional methods force you to learn abstract symbols before you can even start to play. 

SOLUTION: We enable any beginner to succeed Using color as educational scaffolding enables anyone to start playing immediately. It makes learning music intuitive and direct.

PROBLEM: Traditional methods need to wait until child can read, usually 7-8 years old, unless a prodigy.

SOLUTION: Our simplified Musicolor notation makes it possible to teach any age -even preliterate and special needs students - no prodigies required.

PROBLEM: Traditional methods start with boring exercises and scales leading to students dropping out or not practicing.

SOLUTION: Our fun songs are exercises in disguise to build confidence through competence and joy!


We teach all the basics of music, just in a different (better) order!

  • We start every student on piano to accelerate learning principles of music  
  • Basic foundations of music transfer easily to all other instruments.  
  • Music activates skills for a successful life!
Hannah up

From simple to complex 

We flatten the learning curve by using color on keys, finger and notation

Colored Dots on the Keys
Colored fingernails
Birthday Cake notation

Students learn to play with all ten fingers right from the start!

Technical exercises disguised as songs

Each New Song Introduces New Patterns For Greater Facility 

Fun lyrics activate interal pitch + rhythm

Finger Colors Fall Away Within A Few Weeks

Notation evolves over time

Animated Phases

Leading to more complex pieces

And reading music

Alejandro and Andrew at recital

And able to play all kinds of music

And other instruments

Building confidence, joy and mastery

Educators say

“I realized that learning music doesn’t have to be so complicated. The Musicolor Method approach is built on scaffolding, I.e., teaching the language of music step by step with fun activities and relatable music.” 

We make music easy

The Musicolor Method® activates wonder, joy and life skills for all beginners, no prodigies required