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Why you can simplify your first lessons by adding this method to your repertoire

“I wish I had learned this way too.”

– Parent of a student


I started a music school. It became super successful because of this proven system. So many parents tell me, “I wish I had this when I was a child.”

I’ve coached other teachers to do the same who with the same great results. Check out my books to spark your kids on the joy of music or find a Musicolor teacher near you.


I started a music school. It became so successful because I had this proven system that got fantastic, reliable results. I’ve coached other music teachers to do the same who tell me “I filled my studio in a few months”. And now you can too.

Welcome to the musicolor method

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Brett is Teaching Full Time After Doubling His Roster

While he started teaching music to make some extra cash, Brett quickly realized that he had a knack for connecting with students. The only problem? Getting enough students to pay him for regular lessons to quit his extra part-time jobs. Within three months of going...

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What Is The Best Type Of Music Teacher To Be?

In this short video, I explain a useful way to think about your teaching practice.  It helps both with being the best teacher you can be, as well as a more successful business owner.    And it may surprise you why…

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Piano For Kids Volume 3 is here!

Smiles, laughter and joy after learning piano and music this way We're excited to announce that Piano For Kids, Volume 3 is now available at Amazon. Here's a short video overview. https://youtu.be/dwcKrBsS_po Order here:  https://amzn.to/2T0UfCq  

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How to activate creativity, innovation and invention?

“What do you think?” When was the last time someone asked you this?  And if you answered, did you just regurgitate what you heard some other expert say about this topic? When was the last time you asked your children or your students this question? There’s a problem...

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Scaling Musical Mountains Of Mastery

Strategies To Teaching Children Music Without Overwhelm Teaching music to children is highly rewarding yet extremely challenging if you have never done it.  There’s so much information to cover.  Where to start?   As you progress in learning any new skill, fact or...

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