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ILT Breakthrough Coaching Call

How to start growing your music education business using the Instinctual Learning Technique (ILT)

Andrew Ingkavet circle

Hi, my name is
Andrew Ingkavet

I am a former MTV VJ back when they still played music and I've been part of the marketing team behind artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Tracy Chapman, and others.  

My books and music curriculum have been featured in the Telegraph UK, Tim Topham, and Thrive Global.  And that’s why other teachers and studio owners come to me when they need help to fill their schools with engaged students.

So what’s the ILT Breakthrough Coaching Call all about?

It's a 45 minute coaching call to help you understand how to use Instinctual Learning Technique (ILT) to fill your studio with young beginners and keep them for 10 years or more.

First you’ll learn how to use ILT with all students no matter their age

You’ll have a clear understanding on how to implement ILT and a simple curriculum so you start attracting new students right away. And as you’ll see with this curriculum for all of your teachers and students, you’ll be generating consistent results.

Second, you’ll see how to reach even your most ambitious studio goals using this method.

As you start getting more and more students, it becomes critical that you understand the numbers behind your business.  In this part of our call, we will be diving deep into the money numbers so you have a sense of calm knowing exactly how to hit your financial goals with this method.

Then, I’m going to show you how to make everything work faster and more efficient...with the simple ILT processes, policies and systems.  This way, as your studio grows every week, it also becomes more consistent, reliable and more profitable.

I know it sounds hard to believe,  but after this call lots of teachers using this methodology go from struggling to more students than they can handle. 

In this single 45 minute call, you’ll have a roadmap to your successful future.

CJ Stout

"Working with Andrew has changed my life!  This guy is the real deal - every music teacher or entrepreneur interested in early childhood piano instruction needs this!"
- CJ Stout
Teacher/owner Shoreline Music Lessons,
Seattle, WA

Now I could easily charge $100 for this call, but today you can book the ILT Breakthrough Call at zero cost.

The reason why I am I not charging what this call is worth is

Three reasons:

  • I truly believe that music education can change the world
  • I am looking to help like-minded people who I learn a lot from everyday!
  • During these calls I discover potential owners who want my help in growing their education business 

There are just 3 conditions to take this call

  • I’m looking to help people who are: 
  • Action-takers
  • Open to my advice
  • Have the time and resources to take what I share with you on this call and put it to work in your business 

If that describes you, go ahead and book your call now.

There's a short application you’ll receive.  Just fill it out and I look forward to talking to you.

This call can change your life.