Consulting For Music Educators

Strategic coaching, consulting, mentoring for music teachers who run their own business

What is it like to be a a coaching / consulting client?

  • You have a series of personal one-on-one video calls or phone calls devoted to your unique situation
  • We discuss your current business, teaching practice and where you want to go
  • You identify what your desired goals are and give a time-frame for achieving them
  • Together, we make an action plan
  • Over the course of our sessions, we meet every other week for an hour to discuss progress, obstacles and potential solutions
  • You are held accountable for your outcome based on your actions


What is the cost of coaching and consulting?

It is USD $150 per session with a minimum of 6 bi-weekly sessions recommended.  Depending on scheduling, we can increase or decrease the engagement.

What is the difference between mentoring, coaching and consulting?

Coaching is similar to what athletic coaches do.  Being outside you, a coach can see what you cannot see from the inside.  There are many blind spots.  Also, there are often internal obstacles that a coach can help you identify and shift.  Every profession can use a coach, including teachers.

The words Consulting and Mentoring are similar.  Mentoring generally means that someone has achieved what you want to achieve.   By following the advice of a mentor, you can greatly accelerate your progress.  Sometimes a consultant will do some extra research on your behalf.  Consulting gets into actually making specific recommendations the way a management consultant will do with a business.

Who Is My Coach, Consultant and Mentor?

My name is Andrew Ingkavet and I have a lot to offer you.  Here is a few reasons you may want to work with me.

  • Built and run a successful music school
  • Unique multi-track career gives me a cross-industry view offering fresh perspectives in business, media, education and more
  • Co-founded an advertising marketing agency
  • Own and run a music licensing business and have extensive knowledge of music contracts.  Not a lawyer.
  • Teacher 30+ students weekly
  • Have created a unique teaching method and curriculum
  • Continuously coach and train music teachers around the world
  • Loving father and husband of 24 years
  • Active in my community and church

For further information, see my LinkedIN profile and connect with me.

What Can I Expect?

It’s all dependent on you.  For some, the sessions have created massive change and transformation.  For others, a minor shift.  It all depends on how much you are willing to change and take action.

What Others Have Said

Wanted to pass along an insight I had about the consulting you’ve helped me with (so that maybe you can persuade other teachers to hire you): -The ACT of me agreeing to contractually pay you for the service immediately, concretely changed my mindset from an amateur teacher to a Professional Offering a Service. It helped me look at the business more objectively, but more importantly, it made me 100% more likely to get real, concrete things done. This wasn’t a a mindset shift that happened on it’s own – I HAD to pay you for this to happen. -by paying you, it confirms that I’m serious about giving the best service that I can to my students/clients, and those students/clients can sense that, respect that, and frankly, they’d rather pay for that than just “finding lessons from anybody.” It’s a huge leverage point – I’ve gotten feedback from parents, old and new families, that have said things like “you’re not just a music teacher, you’ve got a whole other thing you bring to the lessons.” That’s powerful. – Brett

Some questions for you

These questions can quickly re-focus your business, your school, your teaching and more.

Answer as quickly as possible

  1. What are your personal gifts – skills that you have that come so easily to you, you often forget how good you really are?
  2. What do you want to create with your life?  Your business?  Your students?
  3. Why do you want to create these things in your life?
  4. What’s holding you back from achieving what you want?
  5. What are your core values?

Write down what you came up with and then schedule a call with me.  We’ll work on a plan to get you there.  Once we get to work together, we can mutually decide whether to continue.  Sound good?

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