The Secret To Teaching Music To Kids

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I have been a music teacher for a number of years, and have used a variety of approaches for teaching piano to both younger students and adults, but when I came across Andrew Ingkavet's Musicolor Method, I realized that learning the piano doesn't have to be so complicated.
He has ingeniously taken a simple concept, I.e., relating color to the music alphabet, and created a simple program whereby the student can visually relate the written staff to the keyboard.  His approach is built on scaffolding, I.e., teaching the language of music step by step with fun activities and relatable music.
I highly recommend his online course to anyone who might be interested in adding a new, creative approach to piano, guitar, or any other instrument.
Carol K
Carol K.

Music Teacher, Virginia, USA

Thank you so much for all of the great resources you've given me as a teacher.  I've been teaching for over 30 years.  This has been my full-time job since high school (many years ago!) and I can honestly say that your program is one of the best I've ever seen.  I truly appreciate your philosophy for teaching young children.  

Trish Boril

Private Piano & Harp Teacher

“Andrew’s course makes it easy to teach music to pre-literate kids, opening up an entire market of music previously unreachable.  My student-base doubled.  My confidence as a teacher grew.  I can use this forever too.”

Brett C

Private Piano Teacher, Brownstone Music Lessons

I really appreciate being reminded of these particular aspects of teaching. Even though I’ve been teaching for many years, I realize I have become vague with my praise – needing to be specific about effort & need to reinforce studio standards & expectations to both students & parents. ”

Anne V.

Private Piano Teacher, Sydney, Australia

“Andrew Ingkavet’s Musicolor Method has been like a music immersion experience for me.  When my first grandchild was born in 2009, I was determined to find music curriculum that was fun, energizing, and effective…I think the concept is brilliant!  This course has brought me out of retirement to learn many new facets of teaching.  Now I have a multicolored set of skills and resources to draw from.  I’m excited about imparting the joy of music via the Musicolor Method to my three grandchildren and beyond.”

Christie C.

Private Piano Teacher, Pleasanton, CA