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This changes everything

How can you help more students without overwhelming yourself?

Many teachers don’t have enough students.  Then, when a new one comes in, they don’t always stick around.

I’ve heard teachers say it’s the Internet!  Video Games!  Bad Parenting!  Lack of Interest in Music!

But I, and all the teachers I work with, have had a very different experience.

Because of a new way of teaching music, we not only get fast results, but, we get students practicing on their own and telling all their friends how fun and easy it is!

This leads to more students you can help, more income and deeper longer lasting relationships with your students.


The secret is our Musicolor Notation™

At the heart of the Musicolor Method is our unique Musicolor Notation.  It truly is music everyone can read.  This non-traditional instantly-readable notation has 6 distinct phases.  It allows students of any age – even preliterate – to rapidly progress from complete beginner to reading on a staff in a matter of weeks.


Music Everyone Can Read™

The six phases progress beginners from simple to more complex, moving from basic to reading on a staff.  By using the Musicolor Method, you easily onramp students from complete beginner into any other method of your choice.


Is This Just For Piano?

Yes and no.  We recommend starting all children on piano as it is so logical, visual and makes explaining music theory so much easier.  After a few weeks or months, you can easily make the leap to other instruments with a solid foundation.

The Musicolor Method Curriculum is currently piano-focused with suggestions for adapting to other instruments including: guitar, ukulele, lap dulcimer and glockenspiel.  We are currently developing full curricula for each of these and more instruments.

Who Does This Help?

  • Parents who want to give their children the gifts of music
  • Children who can learn faster and with more fun
  • Music teacher training - lap dulcimer
    Adrian plays his hand-painted lap dulcimer built with his Dad.Music school owners looking for a reliable, consistent system to produce great results

    Musicians looking to start or increase teaching opportunities

  • Private teachers – new and experienced
  • Classroom music teachers

What makes it so effective?

Because students can read the notation on their own, they can take full responsibility for practicing.  The Musicolor Notation is an extremely effective “mnemonic device.”

Other methods required lots of intervention from parents to help the students figure out the practice notes.  Our Musicolor Notation allows even non-musical parents to play along with their children.

The Musicolor Method will allow you to

  • Teach effortlessly
  • Attract new students
  • Retain your current students
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Increase your business

So whether you are a parent of young children,  a 30 year teaching veteran,a complete newcomer to teaching, or a music school owner looking to improve your staff and bottom line, you will gain new perspectives and insights that will transform everything.

Who made this?

Hello.  My name is Andrew Ingkavet, and I created this way of teaching over the last ten years.  It combines the latest research from the fields of

  • human development
  • psychology
  • visual and information design
  • narrative storytelling


More About Andrew


How The Musicolor Method® Helps Your Teaching Business

You can:

  • Deepen engagement and comprehension of your students
  • Enlarge your market by reaching students of all ages from pre-literate to adult
  • Guarantee consistent teaching results regardless of staff and reduce / elminate lesson plan anxiety
  • Run your own business as your own – you keep all the profits
  • Teach anywhere, anytime

What Teachers Are Saying About the Musicolor Method


I would recommend the course because it is so thoroughly set up with not only resources for The Musicolor Method but includes educational & professional components ( mostly in video format) that have really challenged me as a teacher- to get better & to grow as an educator. I’ve been teaching early childhood music for over 30 years but still love to grow. I had another amazing lesson with my student who has had learning difficulties. The Musicolor Method has really unlocked her capacity to make sense of reading music.  My studio is now full! – Anne Vardanega, Sydney Australia

I taught my first lesson using the Musicolor Method to a new student on Wednesday and it was the best experience I’ve had teaching up to now.  He left actually playing a song and was SUPER thrilled with himself.  I’ve gotten off to a slow start in following through with the entire course, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each step.  You bring a new dimension to teaching music that I’ve felt, but not known all the details behind it, like the article you just published, to just use one example.  I look forward to finishing the courses, but I hope you keep adding to it as you have been. The ongoing education you discuss in the office hours videos is exactly what I need. – Marcie Estes, Virginia, USA

Key Points of This Unique Curriculum

  • Unique instantly readable notation only available through the Musicolor Method
  • Playing first, reading taught using proven principles of information design
  • Uses a simple 7 step framework for teaching any level
  • Passes on vital life skills through the joy of music
  • Not a franchise – you license the materials and can use anywhere


Are you ready to make your mark?

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