Dear fellow musician,

Looking for a way to earn more while designing the life you want?

Tired of the constant hustling of temp jobs and disrespectful bosses?

Want to be respected for the artistic genius you are?

For so many years, I too suffered from all of the above.  It wasn’t until I “discovered” teaching,
before I changed my life… almost instantly.


My name is Andrew Ingkavet and I am a musician, composer and music teacher.  But it wasn’t until I became a parent that I saw this opportunity.

Why Teaching Kids Is The Most Predictable and Profitable

You see, parents of young children are desperately seeking opportunities for their kids before it’s too late. They will gladly pay more for their child’s lesson than their own.

Teaching teenagers and adults gets complicated fast.

I would get countless cancellations and missed lessons. They’re just too busy!

Young children are used to having a structured schedule.  Parents are comfortable signing up and paying you in advance.

This means you have a predictable cash flow and guaranteed work for a longer period of time.

When was the last time you had a temp gig pay you in advance?

So how to get started?


  1. You need to choose what instrument  to teach – we recommend beginner piano as it is easier to teach theory concepts and switch to other instruments later
  2. You need a curriculum to ensure results weekly – we have one!
  3. You need to spread the word – marketing and sales are covered in our training

Do What You Love

Share your gift of music with the most devoted of all fans…students.

Get Paid

Set your own income and leave behind the no-respect day gigs.

Lifestyle Design

Design a lifestyle that fits you.