Andrew has a method that works for kids. Since I’ve also seen other students accomplish a lot in a short time I know my kid is not an exception.
– Igor M., parent of 4 year old student

Music For Everyone

An introduction to the Musicolor Method®

We can help you engage your kids in music using a fun, simple curriculum that teaches transferrable life skills through music. Children learn all the basic elements of music, only in a different order than traditional methods. By starting kids younger, we often keep them engaged longer giving them more time to soak up the benefits of music education on all areas of their lives.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover…
How almost anyone can learn to make music regardless of age, talent or ability
How you can teach your child music even without musical experience
How to learn a thousands of songs without a lifetime of lessons
How to setup a keyboard using colors
Two easy songs your child can learn in a week
In my nearly 40 years of teaching music, I can confidently say, the Musicolor Method® is the best program on the market today.
– Trish B, private piano teacher, USA

Online Course

Activate your child with music quickly and easily using the Musicolor Method

This online course can be used to accompany the songbook or stand-alone. It features clear detailed video explanations for each lesson as well as the philosophy behind the Musicolor Method. Practice tips, answers to frequently asked questions and technical advice can be invaluable for parents with little or no music experience. Downloadable practice chart and certificate included.

What You Will Learn:
How To Use Color To Make Learning Simple and Instant
10 Fun Songs That Are Really Finger Exercises In Disguise!
How To Make Practice Fun and More Like A Game
Recommendations for Buying Your First Keyboard/Piano