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Child-related services and franchises are widely considered one of the best businesses to run. 

But did you know that most music franchises do not have a standardized curriculum? In fact, the biggest music education franchises simply hire musicians and tell them to figure it out. 

The results?

Inconsistent. If you are lucky to have a great teacher, your studio will thrive and word-of-mouth will bring in more happy clients. Lose that teacher and you have to start all over again. 

How do we know?

We have created several thriving music schools and have interviewed hundreds of teachers around the globe. 

5 simple shifts to. build thriving profitable music schools and studios

Problems of most music programs

What we discovered is there are usually two different goals of private music education programs during afterschool hours:  

1) Music as social-emotional learning in a safe space - kids learn to have fun trying out different instruments and playing together in jam band type settings - problem: these kids often suffer from not learning real skills 

2) Musical excellence - kids learn to master their instruments with focused private instruction - problem: these kids suffer from the boredom and rigidity of traditional music curricula.

What about a fun curriculum that naturally engages students and keeps them 33% longer?

Why our students stay with us for years

Lifetime value of your students

Lifetime value of student

All businesses need to enroll enough students and deliver a learning experience that parents think is worthwhile to continue.

Most schools start at 8 and are lucky to keep their students until 16.

But what if you started them 4 years earlier?

Establishing foundations at an earlier age can keep your student longer and thereby increase your student lifetime value by 33% or more.

So, the question is, how will you reliably teach these younger students?

Having a structured curricula that aligns with early childhood development is essential. Also, having qualified, trained instructors who have been vetted and are passionate about working with young students.

That structured curriculum is the Musicolor Method. 

It offers a fun, easy learning path for beginners with an adapted curriculum that makes teaching preliterate and even special needs students a breeze.

We start every child with piano to instill a passion and joy for music while learning all the basics of music. 

By using color as educational scaffolding, we can quickly empower kids to play and practice on their own while progressing to reading music on the traditional staff.

Beatrice Practice Chart

This leads to consistent, sustainable growth for the school and the student

This makes the student experience consistent and solves the problem of having the one "hero teacher" and then having to reinvent the wheel if s/he leaves. 

How long does it take to train a teacher in the Musicolor Method?

Most of our teachers can start teaching within one or two weeks of beginning the online training. 

But it is very deep and opposite most of what is taught in today's music education programs.

As we are always updating and adding to the curricula, it truly is a lifetime of learning.

Every successful school needs these 4 things:

Lead Flow

Lead Flow

A consistent system for generating new students

Cash flow

Cash Flow

The right offer at the right price to attract your premium clients.



A systematic way to handle the teaching, management, marketing and sales without overwhelm.

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Proven Age-Appropriate Curricula

A proven reliable method that delivers results and keeps students for years and years.

We can help you with all of the above...

Our licensing program is structured like a franchise

Here's how it works

  • Book a call with us
  • Fill out the application form
  • Engage in the Breakthrough Coaching Call
  • Start making an impact
  • Note: Licensing fees begin at $5000
  • Exclusive terrirory licensing available.
  • Teacher certification included - additional fees for additional teachers
  • Training, support, leads and systems provided