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Brownstone Music Lessons
Address: Ditmas, Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Crown Heights.
Name: Brett Crudgington
Summary: Welcome! I teach music to children and adults in Ditmas Park. I want to show students how learning music goes far beyond playing an instrument — that they build superb life skills throughout our time together. My approach is fun, personal, and enriching. I use the piano to focus on the basics of theory, rhythm, reading music, and popular songs. Whether they’re interested in the raw emotion of the blues, the depth of classical medleys, or confidently playing a simple folk song, I’m there to guide them.
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I firmly believe that learning music teaches profound life skills. However, I commit to a broader goal as well – to help them learn how to learn. I show them how to handle frustration, and feel safe and free to accept criticism, direction, and create, all within the structure of each lesson. In short, it’s music for the whole person. I bring a long and varied history to each lesson, including jazz and classical music studies, performance experience, and composing for independent and commercial projects.

Website Address: Brownstone Music Lessons
Business Phone Number: 3477754081
Park Slope Music Lessons
Address: Brooklyn, NYC
Name: Park Slope Music Lessons
Summary: Life skills through music lessons for kids 4+
Founded by Andrew Ingkavet, creator of the Musicolor Method, the school has 12 teachers who visit students for weekly in-home lessons.
Website Address: Park Slope Music Lessons
Manuel Laufer
Address: New York, NY, USA
Name: Manuel Laufer
Website Address: Manuel Laufer
Midtown Music
Address: New York, New York, USA
Name: Midtown Music
Website Address: Midtown Music
Tanaka Studios
Address: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Name: Tanaka Studios
Website Address: Tanaka Studios