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Do you struggle with finding materials to teach young beginners music?

Parents and professional music teachers have the same challenges when it comes to teaching young children music: finding materials that are easy, engaging and appropriate for kids, no matter the age.

I feel your pain, because I am both a parent and professional music teacher/school owner.

My name is Andrew Ingkavet and I’m the creator and founder of the Musicolor Method.

My Son Changed My Life

When my young son began asking for lessons at three years old, I figured I could easily find a teacher or program to enroll him in. Even though I had studied to be a music teacher, I wasn’t focused on teaching at the time.

Boy was I surprised.

No one would accept him. Nor could I find any books or materials that were appropriate.

So, I decided to roll up my sleeves and make this a home-schooling project. Pretty soon, it became my new professional focus.

Fast forward to today.

Over the course of the last decade, I’ve created a proven system to teach any child (from 3 to 16) how to start playing piano and other instruments quickly with fun and ease.

I’ve built a successful music school with a staff of ten and a consistent waiting list of students.

Here’s what one parent said:
I can’t even start to say how much A is happy with the lessons. This way of teaching is so much fun, he wants to play all day long. Great job, I wish I could have learned that way when I was a kid, instead of suffering my violin lessons:)

Since 2015, I’ve been sharing my insights with teachers and school owners around the globe.

Here’s what one had to say:

I’ve been a piano teacher for over 20 years and have taught preschool on and off. Kids love to figure things out and it was so easy for them they could go practice without a whole lot of parent help. I really recommend this program. Susan Petters

Private Piano Teacher

More Students and More $

One of the side benefits of having a proven system is that you naturally attract more students. As your studio grows, your confidence blooms and you can easily raise your tuition and lesson fees.

Andrew’s course paid for itself within a few months. It makes it easy to teach music to pre-literate kids, opening up an entire market of music previously unreachable. My student-base doubled. My confidence as a teacher grew. I can use this forever too. Brett Crudgington

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