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What Our Musicolor Teachers Say

Old vs Modern Music Education - the Musicolor Method

We solved the problem of traditional music lessons

PROBLEM: Traditional methods force you to learn abstract symbols before you can even start to play. 

SOLUTION: We enable any beginner to succeed Using color as educational scaffolding enables anyone to start playing immediately. It makes learning music intuitive and direct.

PROBLEM: Traditional methods need to wait until child can read, usually 7-8 years old, unless a prodigy.

SOLUTION: Our simplified Musicolor notation makes it possible to teach any age -even preliterate and special needs students - no prodigies required.

PROBLEM: Traditional methods start with boring exercises and scales leading to students dropping out or not practicing.

SOLUTION: Our fun songs are exercises in disguise to build confidence through competence and joy!


We teach all the basics of music, just in a different (better) order!

  • We start every student on piano to accelerate learning principles of music  
  • Basic foundations of music transfer easily to all other instruments.  
  • Music activates skills for a successful life!