Serious about your impact as an educator?

Do you seek excellence? Do you love new ideas? 

For educators who are serious about making the biggest impact through music education 

This is the place for you if you are searching for excellence.  

We believe music education is an unsung hero that can transform today's society. Music is more than entertainment, it can bring about personal development when applied with intention!  

Teaching music has the greatest potential to teach life skills to our population and to do it with fun, ease and a funky good beat!  

Sure, a knack for explaining doesn't hurt, but more than that, you need:  

  • Love of music
  • Commitment to help all students regardless of age or background with patience, integrity and kindness
  • A growth mindset and a love of personal development 
  • The right approach  

And the right approach will empower you to work easily with all students, regardless of ability or age or background, helping them to unlock the door to the joys of music and the life skills inherent in learning to make music.  

Without these four things, your teaching is not optimal...  

We are decidedly different, dramatically effective and perhaps not for everyone...

To be honest, we are not for everyone...  

If you are comfortable enough using centuries-old methods, you will probably not commit the extra effort to change your ways...  

And, if you are not open-minded with a growth mindset willing to borrow ideas from other fields as diverse as graphic design, user experience, storytelling and early childhood education, this is probably not for you...  

If you are a victim, don't take ownership for your success and prefer wallowing in the mediocrity of the majority, then we're not for you...

If you qualify...

You, like our best teachers, can expect rapid improvement over 6 weeks - in all areas of teaching and your business, simultaneously.  

We specialize in giving you a massive advantage over your competitors with step-by-step coaching, support and accountability using a proven model of success.  

This program, Success Training for Musicolor Teacher Owners, is responsible for increasing student enrollment rates by 20, 30, or even 50% and transforming a struggling solo teacher into a thriving studio owner. And following our program, you can expect to experience growth and dramatic increases in your income within 60 to 90 days ( and that is just the start). It will give you a turnkey solution for enrolling, teaching and cultivating long-term students with predictable cash flow and profits. Our Musicolor Method curriculum will provide you the easiest on-ramp for all beginner students, usually the largest and most important segment of any thriving school/studio.  

And, it will provide you with a platform to create the biggest impact in your community.  

To experience what it might be like to work with us, I recommend you schedule a coaching session with me. There is no charge, but you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:  

  • You must be ready to get started right away
  • You must be willing and able to invest in yourself and your teaching business and practice
  • You must have a growth mindset and be open to doing things in a completely different and new way
  • You must be willing to work hard, adopt new strategies and be obsessed with being the best educator in your area  

During our confidential call, you will have the opportunity to discuss your current teaching business and obstacles you face and we will work together to develop a plan of action. We will demonstrate what it might be like to work with us. And we will evaluate you to determine if you meet our strict, yet reasonable criteria for new clients.  

To begin the application process for your private breakthrough coaching session, click the button below.  



Andrew Ingkavet

CEO/Founder The Musicolor Method 

Old vs Modern Music Education - the Musicolor Method

We solved the problem of traditional music lessons

PROBLEM: Traditional methods force you to learn abstract symbols before you can even start to play. 

SOLUTION: We enable any beginner to succeed Using color as educational scaffolding enables anyone to start playing immediately. It makes learning music intuitive and direct.

PROBLEM: Traditional methods need to wait until child can read, usually 7-8 years old, unless a prodigy.

SOLUTION: Our simplified Musicolor notation makes it possible to teach any age -even preliterate and special needs students - no prodigies required.

PROBLEM: Traditional methods start with boring exercises and scales leading to students dropping out or not practicing.

SOLUTION: Our fun songs are exercises in disguise to build confidence through competence and joy!


We teach all the basics of music, just in a different (better) order!

  • We start every student on piano to accelerate learning principles of music  
  • Basic foundations of music transfer easily to all other instruments.  
  • Music activates skills for a successful life!